Colvir ERP
Colvir ERP speeds up business processes, saves resources, and automates administrative activities. The ERP module suite is integrated into the Colvir Core Banking System thus ensuring seamless module integration, inter-coupling and data exchange.
Product advantages
By implementing Colvir ERP an organization takes a quantum leap in its activities, expands its opportunity horizons and achieves its business development and automation goals.
Self-explanatory usability
A new employee of a user bank will easily cope with most operations even on his/her first orientation day.
Colvir ERP ensures minimization of errors, takes over the control of procurement-related expenditures, brings about a reduction in the overall administrative activity.
Reporting transparency including consolidated reporting for groups of companies regardless of the country and applicable accounting standards. Full compliance with international standards.
"The Colvir ERP product implemented in our Bank on a daily basis makes the handling of administrative activities simpler and faster. I specifically would like to note the very extensive functionality of the solution which in addition to support of standard operations offers additional capabilities, such as transport management and budget controls. We are pleased with the advantages and process improvements that Colvir ERP brings about into the work of individual employees, as well as into the activities of our Bank as a whole."
Bai Tushum Bank
Colvir Software Solutions Benefits
1 Our Customers are our top priority Colvir staff are as much Customer-oriented as possible
2 Stable development We keep upgrading our products and services
3 Achieving goals Our key success criteria is raising the efficiency of our Customer's business
4 Business transformation We create a state-of-the-art technology landscape
5 International expertise We leverage advanced global technologies to achieve our customers' goals
6 Positions of leadership Colvir customers often become pioneers in the banking industries of their respective countries
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