Colvir ERP

Colvir ERP is an integrated system for effective management of an entity’s administrative and financial activities. The product offers a broad spectrum of tools designed to facilitate human resource management, employee payroll calculation and transfer, counterparty contract creation and management, raising receivable and settling payable invoices, tangible and non-tangible asset management and accounting, inventory control.

Hundreds of operations handled on a daily basis by an entity’s employees are processed faster, more accurately and easier using Colvir ERP. Any changes to data are reflected throughout all system modules thus ensuring fast communication and eliminating duplication. Information that is always up to date and is available in real time helps to raise employee efficiency and facilitates inter-departmental coordination, as well as ensuring controls for all operations and improving the accuracy of all plans and forecasts, as well as the decision-making speed.

Product advantages
Quality and Speed
By implementing Colvir ERP your organization will take a quantum leap in its activities, push its boundaries and achieve its business automation goals. Administrative activity automation ensures a high speed of interaction among entity employees at all levels. Colvir ERP facilitates prompt information interchange among business units thus simplifying performance of complex tasks, such as payroll accounting or warehouse stock taking.
Adaptability and Integration
The degree of Colvir ERP adaptability and of its self-explanatory usability is so high that a new employee of a user bank will easily cope with most operations even on his/her first orientation day. Small banks as well as huge corporations will find the ERP module suite quite useful. The product is integrated to Colvir CBS, as well as to other products from Colvir Software Solutions, and leveraging the Colvir Service Bus can also be integrated to solutions from third-party vendors.
Planning and Controls
System functionality facilitates accurate expenditure planning and forecasting, as well as exercising control over all current contracts. While previously invoice operations used to be labor-intensive and subject to errors, with Colvir ERP all activities are managed as part of a single chain.
New Horizons
By delegating routine activities to Colvir ERP entity staff can focus on more creative, holistic and lofty goals. This creates thousands of opportunities for speeding up enterprise business processes, saving resources and achieving more.
Colvir ERP Product Functionality
Functional of Colvir ERP
  • Full cycle HR management – from employment-seeker engagement to employee termination. Calculation and settlement of all types of sick leave pay, holiday allowance, bonus, payroll calculation. Tax and contribution transfer. Handling engagement of individuals under civil contracts.
  • Counterparty contract creation and management, finance lease contract management (IFRS 16). Tender management, contractor selection.
  • Settlement of one-off invoices, periodic invoices under contracts. Settlement with imprest account holders for purchased goods and services, as well as settlements for employee business trips, corporate card management. POA issuance and cancellation for collection of goods.
  • Raising and presentation of invoices for purchased goods and services. Monitoring of incoming payments to track account receivable settlement.
  • Automation of inventory operations to facilitate stock accounting and report generation.
  • Fixed and intangible asset accounting by different views: financial, tax, management. Entity-wide stock taking automation, whether using data collection terminals, or not.
ERP module interaction with other Colvir modules and with other systems
implemented projects
What has been done
  • Colvir ERP implemented together with the Core Banking System and other products; 
  • ERP module suite integration with over 50 business modules of the Core Banking System; 
  • Colvir ERP customization in line with the Bank's business processes.
What benefits have accrued to the customer
Extended ERP functionality complying with all local legislation mandates.
What has been done
  • implementation of core Colvir ERP modules: Contract Management, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets, Inventories, Human Resource, Payroll; 
  • creation in the Bank of a single product ecosystem including Colvir ERP.
What benefits have accrued to the customer
A state-of-the-art user-friendly solution designed to automate business and administration activities.
"The Colvir ERP product implemented in our Bank on a daily basis makes the handling of administrative activities simpler and faster. I specifically would like to note the very extensive functionality of the solution which in addition to support of standard operations offers additional capabilities, such as transport management and budget controls. We are pleased with the advantages and process improvements that Colvir ERP brings about into the work of individual employees, as well as into the activities of our Bank as a whole."
Bai Tushum Bank
  • Efficiency

    Colvir ERP integrates all ERP processes exponentially raising their efficiency
  • Optimization

    Optimization of business process management, employee numbers and working time
  • Functionality

    End-to-end functionality and single information space spanning the whole Bank regardless of the number of branches or business entities
Product news
Colvir Experts Discuss Administrative Bulk Order Functionality Extensions
A regular webinar dedicated to Colvir ERP took place on May 22.
14 June 2024 , 06:00 Kazakhstan
Colvir Software Solutions Holds a Business Brunch for Kazakhstan Banks
An event devoted to ERP systems has taken place in Almaty.
14 May 2024 , 08:00 Almaty, Kazakhstan
Colvir Experts Present a Number of Compelling Updates to Colvir ERP System Functionality
A series of webinars has provided a platform for demonstrating new optional sub-modules and new features of the Payroll, Human Resources, and Fixed Assets modules.
12 February 2024 , 08:00
Advantages Colvir Software Solutions
Reliability 100% successful Projects
Simplicity Product modules are independent of the kernel
Spot-on Relevance International practice focused on banking products and services
Great Potential We invest 100% of our earnings in further system development
Popularity Localized throughout CIS
User-Friendliness Flexible and customer-oriented
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