Service Bus

Banking technology is an industry that is always in a state of flux. Developers create new solutions, companies bring to market spot-on products, banks use their best efforts to offer to their customers modern services. A trend of the current decade is ecosystem development involving different service domains including banking, insurance, marketing, marketplace services, as well as services facilitating access to diverse service types, and a lot more. To make components work like a single well-oiled machine, they need a conductor, i.e. a service bus. Colvir Service Bus instills confidence that all interactions will be precise and reliable, and that solutions coming from different vendors will perform their functions without fail.

Product advantages
Technology Stack
Based on state-of-the-art proven technologies — the time horizon during which the development stack will retain its relevance will be at least 10 years.
High Performance
Guaranteed fault-tolerance, performance of 2000+ tps (transactions per second). No platform dependence, or dependence on a solution from a single vendor.
Conceptual commitment to ecosystem development
Advanced logics and autodiagnostics. An extendable set of components to meet any business requirements.
Unlimited Horizontal Scalability
Support of customers’ own developments leveraging SDK.


  • synchronous and asynchronous operating mode support
  • static and algorithmic message routing
  • interaction with third-party information systems leveraging an extendable set of adapters
  • centralized management of security and service and data access policy
  • service Bus status audit, logging and visualization
  • full-fledged DEVOPS cycle with CI/CD support
  • an extendable set of data format transformation modules
  • service typing and orchestration


  • integration of third-party services not only to Colvir core banking system, but also to landscape components from other vendors (API, REST, WebQuery)
  • support of 3 interaction types: synchronous, asynchronous and subscription model,
  • improved fault-tolerance thanks to prioritization setup (RabbitMQ/Kafka)
  • excellent balancing and speed parameters (NGINX)
  • horizontal scalability (Kubernetes)
  • advanced event audit and autodiagnostics (Kibana, Fluent-bit, ElasticSearch)
  • business data consolidation
implemented projects
What has been done
A trading platform implemented to facilitate currency exchange ensuring quick service delivery with support of web and mobile clients, instant purchase and sale requests, and deal closure.
What benefits have accrued to the customer
Colvir Service Bus facilitates fast and fault-tolerant real time currency exchange service delivery.
  • A Convenient Tool

    Integration with 3d-party systems from any vendors, support of own OpenAPI creation.
  • High Performance

    Quality mobile and web services operation: message conversion and guaranteed delivery.
  • State-of-the-art Solution

    Support of modern protocols, compliance with ISO requirements for service buses.
Colvir Software Solutions Benefits
1 Our Customers are our top priority Colvir staff are as much Customer-oriented as possible
2 Stable development We keep upgrading our products and services
3 Achieving goals Our key success criteria is raising the efficiency of our Customer's business
4 Business transformation We create a state-of-the-art technology landscape
5 International expertise We leverage advanced global technologies to achieve our customers' goals
6 Positions of leadership Colvir customers often become pioneers in the banking industries of their respective countries
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