Colvir MIS
Evaluate this innovative solution from Colvir — a cloud-based analytical platform designed for managing business on any scale: from large banks and global corporations to Government institutions. Review available business strategies, manage your business leveraging production, budgetary and financial models of any sophistication, as well as strategic planning models.
Product advantages
Leverage information to your advantage
User-friendly data handling raises the quality of management models and minimizes the risk of growing dependent on specific individual employees.
Address your business challenges online
Quickly build models of any sophistication, collect and analyze data, and leverage information thus obtained to make intelligent decisions.
Minimize your costs
Obviating the never-ending need to keep interacting with the vendor and settling vendor bills for product modifications will bring about a reduction in the time, financial and emotional expenditures
Upgrade your business management
Waste no thought on superfluous things, focus exclusively on your professional objectives, raise the quality of decisions that you make and minimize the risk of losing your business.
Consolidate information regarding your large-scale business
Information can now add value to your business: implement region-wise distribution, diversify company group and holding-business.
implemented projects
What has been done
  • Colvir MIS solution implemented;
  • a 90% reduction to the cost of  planning and budgeting process management ;
  • detailing of OpEx and CapEx budgeting model.
What benefits have accrued to the customer
Ability to for the Bank's own resources to prepare budgets within a short space of time leveraging Colvir MIS system.
Colvir Software Solutions Benefits
1 Our Customers are our top priority Colvir staff are as much Customer-oriented as possible
2 Stable development We keep upgrading our products and services
3 Achieving goals Our key success criteria is raising the efficiency of our Customer's business
4 Business transformation We create a state-of-the-art technology landscape
5 International expertise We leverage advanced global technologies to achieve our customers' goals
6 Positions of leadership Colvir customers often become pioneers in the banking industries of their respective countries
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