Colvir Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse is an information system designed for accumulation, storage and provision of management, regulatory, financial and statistical information and reporting.

Product advantages
Unified Structure
Creation and support of a controlled and managed structured data storage system. Consolidation of data from different sources in the customer’s landscape. Conversion of data coming from diverse systems to a single storage format.
Intelligent automation
Procedure automation for data collection and loading, data mart generation. BI report creation from DWH data leveraging either the Report Generator provided with the system, or third-party BI tools.
Reduced loading of the OLTP system. Immediate access to stored information to perform calculations and data analysis, decision making support, report generation.
Reliability and Security
Secure storage and access to data (leveraging the single security subsystem of the Colvir platform).

Colvir CBS modules using Data Warehouse capabilities:

  • Credit Risks (Provision Calculation)
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Management Accounting
  • Tax Accounting
  • Credit Register Interface
  • Credit Reference Bureau Interface
  • Offline AML module components
implemented projects
What has been done
Regulatory Reporting, Credit Risks, Credit Register Interface, Credit Reference Bureau Interface modules have been installed and implemented within the CBS replacement project scope.
What benefits have accrued to the customer
A state-of-the-art and user-friendly information storage system with full automation of data collection and loading procedures.
  • Data Saving

    Daily enrichment of DWH data from the OLTP system leveraging Informatica products.
  • Report Generation

    Reports are generated based on the DWH database leveraging customized Colvir client application.
  • Data Currency

    Timely provision of management, regulatory, financial and statistical information and reports.
Colvir Software Solutions Benefits
1 Our Customers are our top priority Colvir staff are as much Customer-oriented as possible
2 Stable development We keep upgrading our products and services
3 Achieving goals Our key success criteria is raising the efficiency of our Customer's business
4 Business transformation We create a state-of-the-art technology landscape
5 International expertise We leverage advanced global technologies to achieve our customers' goals
6 Positions of leadership Colvir customers often become pioneers in the banking industries of their respective countries
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