Core Banking System

Colvir CBS is a flexible, modular, versatile system designed for end-to-end automation and optimization of a broad spectrum of business processes on any scale. The underlying principle of Colvir CBS is maximum functionality, and it offers an impressive set of modules to meet the requirements of any bank, whether a universal or a niche one. The system is distinguished by its reliability, high performance, up-to-date business process automation and extendable analytical capabilities. Colvir Core Banking System complies with international standards with respect to security, audit and the range of processed operations.

The solution is made up of its platform that includes a pre-installed kernel complete with services and directories, as well as modules that deliver support and management of the bank’s operations. Colvir Core Banking System comprises over 100 configurable modules and optional sub-modules that can deliver automation of diverse banking processes with regard for specific requirements of individual business entities.

Colvir Core Banking System incorporates a comprehensive reporting system and adaptive data import and export features. A dedicated data warehouse is available for regulatory report construction.

Colvir CBS is a multi-lingual system that can support any languages without limitation at the data base level, as well as at the interface level. A single uniform user interface complies with up-to-date ergonomic requirements.
Product advantages
Adaptability without coding
The platform incorporates a number of pre-installed components that simplify setup of application modules, reports, templates and products. This facilitates for bank staff quick launching of products, independent improvement of system processes, and implementing setups that reduce time-to-market and vendor dependence thanks to the customer’s ability to perform system modifications leveraging their own resources.
A Large Selection of Off-The-Shelf State-Of-The-Art Solutions for Banking Process Automation
100+ business modules and tasks developed to automate the complete spectrum of business processes in a modern bank. It should be noted that a customer only need select relevant functionality, as the system configuration can be flexibly varied. On top of supporting integration with Colvir products, Colvir Service Bus also supports integration with solutions from third party vendors. All products have been tested many times over, and are ready for implementation within IT landscapes of any sophistication.
Modular Design Concept
Colvir automate key banking processes enabling the system to be configured in line with the Bank’s current needs and development perspectives. The broad product line facilitates for user banks prompt response to market requirements that keep changing continuously. Colvir CBS includes a corporate Service Bus and a Data Warehouse.
Reliability and Fault Tolerance, Extended Security Functionality
Non-stop system operation is assured by an integrated tool that manages operational process loading. The Security Server meets the requirements of a modern bank. Colvir CBS ensures data integrity and correctness, and assures their purity.
New Generation Open Architecture
Service-oriented architecture is an ideal solution for effective IT infrastructure adaptation to the company’s business goals. Colvir CBS assists banks in achieving a top competitive ranking due to its inherent simplicity of banking process integration, its flexibility and minimized risk of downtime or data loss.
A Broad Selection of Financial Instruments
We have created a reliable core banking system buying which customers obtain a high-tech platform for creating their own products and developing banking activities. Business logic is supported leveraging workflow mechanisms.
Premium Class Services
Colvir Software Solutions processes are optimized for the customer with each professional employee engaged in development, implementation or support doing his/her best to ensure reliable system operation and its high performance.
Maximum Data Transmission Speed
The advantages of immediate data delivery are leveraged with a particularly obvious effect for service delivery channel modules. For example, the Account Engine module authorizes in real time all card transactions of the Bank’s customers.
Functional Core Banking System
Functional of Core Banking System
  • Taking Customer Service Quality to New Heights. Colvir CBS features help banks to win customer loyalty and improve consumer experience including suchimprovements dгe to faster request processing, multi-channel, personalized services, service accessibility.
  • Facilitating Quick New Banking Product Creation. Our flexible solution enables banks to bring new retail products to market within a short space of time and modify existing product parameters without coding and with minimum IT personnel involvement. The solution isintegrated to all relevant government bodies, services and payment systems.
  • Raising Business Process Efficiency. Colvir product implementation supports automation of up to 80% of manual data handling processes raising the Bank’s operational efficiency. The system is up and running round the clock enabling 24x7 service delivery 365 days a year. Full compliance with regulatory and security requirements is guaranteed.
  • Utilization Flexibility. Colvir CBS can support business activity of a financial institution of any type and any size. The system incorporates standardized and optimized business processes that fully meet customer requirements in different countries.
Functional capabilities
implemented projects
What has been done
  • merger of the two largest banks in Kazakhstan, Halyk Bank and QAZKOM, on a single Colvir technology platform;
  • retention of existing back office business processes in single platform modules, and system optimization to support the increased data volumes in the merged bank.
What benefits have accrued to the customer
Successful implementation of the large-scale bank merger project.
What has been done
  • Implementation of a modern banking system comprising 50 business modules;
  • Non-stop technical support of the implemented solution.
What benefits have accrued to the customer
Colvir CBS speeds up business processes and successfully copes with large transaction volumes.
What has been done
  • going live with a new state-of-the-art multi-function CBS, integration with IT systems of the country's Government bodies;
  • implementation of additional modules including Internet Banking for business and service delivery channels Back Office to improve the quality of services delivered to customers.
What benefits have accrued to the customer
An end-to-end solution to support the Bank's development in compliance with regulatory mandates.
What has been done
  • an obsolete legacy system has been replaced with state-of-the-art Colvir Core Banking System ;
  • automation of operations, reduction to a minimum of human resources involved in the generation and sending of regulatory reports.
What benefits have accrued to the customer
Migration to a single Core Banking System and laying the foundation for future IT development. 
"This is a project of an extremely large scale. At its start the two banks were absolutely different in terms of technology, as well as in terms of their culture, and this could not fail to make an impact on the integration process. Business process difference were making themselves felt the most during the stabilization period that followed migration. As of today, further process optimization and operation system development  is ongoing in non-stop mode, and thanks to this it can be said that the overall situation is improving. Kazcommerzbank employees are gradually getting used to the products and processed leveraged by the People’s Bank, all Kazcommerzbank client accounts are accessible in the People’s Bank of Kazakhstan with full retention of the terms and conditions of all the issued loans and accepted deposits. On behalf of the merged bank we thank the Colvir Software Solutions team for their excellent work on this project!"
Nurlan Terlikbayev
Director of the Transaction System Development Department of Halyk Bank
  • Efficiency

    Efficient banking activity management including improved profitability and an increase in the number of happy customers
  • Optimization

    Business process optimization and modernization
  • New Opportunities

    Active system functionality extension
Advantages Colvir Software Solutions
Reliability 100% successful Projects
Simplicity Product modules are independent of the kernel
Spot-on Relevance International practice focused on banking products and services
Great Potential We invest 100% of our earnings in further system development
Popularity Localized throughout CIS
User-Friendliness Flexible and customer-oriented
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