The mission of the Fixed Assets module is to automate the entity’s fixed and intangible asset accounting.

The module configuration facilitates obtaining detailed information with regard to fixed asset statuses, analyzing the degree of their wear and tear, monitoimg the progress of equipment maintenance works, verifying the availability of the entity’s property as on a particular date by comparing actual and accounting data, and so on.

Module functions
Inventory Record Management
Fixed and intangible asset record accounting spanning their complete lifecycle from the time of their acquisition to the time of their retirement taking into account changes in their value, their overhaul costs, and so on. Tracking of fixed asset movements: their receipt, transfers and retirement.
Parallel Accounting
Depending on the accounting purpose and method, the same fixed asset may be accounted for differently, such as different ledger-wise (tax accounting ledger, management accounting ledger, off system accounting ledger, etc.), as well as have different attributes within the scope of different accounting ledgers.
Directories and Reports
Reference data management. Requisite report generation.
Operations on Fixed Assets
Accounting for fixed asset leasing on long-term or current basis. Facility to split frixed assets into a number of independent accounting objects. Depreciation accrual using different methods. Accounting for modernization expenses including inventory utilization, routine fixed asset repairs and overhauling. Fixed asset revaluation.
Off-System Accounting
Off-system fixed asset accounting in case the useful life period has ended and the asset is written off the balance sheet, but its use however continues.
Stock Taking
The Stock Taking optional sub-module facilitates comparing actual property availability data as on a particular date with accounting data. The application also supports importation of files containing property descriptions to facilitate matching against fixed assets details in the accounting system, as well as downloading data into file for use on a data collection terminal in the course of stock taking.
Key advantages of the module
  • Up-to-date and accurate information with regard to company assets
  • Easy customisation of fixed asset accounting to meet the customer requirements
  • Seamless integration with other system modules
Advantages of the new mechanism
  • Efficiency

    • Improved asset systematization and accounting
    • Manual effort minimization and reduced room for error
    • Improved process transparency and manageability
  • Speed

    • Fixed asset accounting process optimization
    • Automation of fixed asset operations
    • Bulk processing
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Simplicity Product modules are independent of the kernel
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