The mission of the CLC Management module is to automate the process for settlement with individuals employed under civil law contracts. The module ensures precise and effective data management, settlement and report generation reducing the time it takes, and the amount of resources required by these processes.

Module functions
Maintenance of individual cards
The module facilitates managing details of individuals employed under civil law contracts including their registration details, personal information, such as fringe benefits, retirement age, disabilities.
CLC Management
The tool facilitates personal contract management with each individual with cost accounting using the accruals method, and managing job completion reports.
Flexible Calculation Setup
We offer a facility for flexible setup of all accrual and withholding types in line with the legislation in force from time to time.
Calculating Remuneration
The module facilitates automatic calculation of remuneration under a civil law contract with regard for all types of accruals, withholdings and deductions. Such calculation may be performed for the whole entity, or for individual departments, or for particular individuals.
Automatic generation of remuneration and tax transfers.
Advantages Colvir Software Solutions
Reliability 100% successful Projects
Simplicity Product modules are independent of the kernel
Spot-on Relevance International practice focused on banking products and services
Great Potential We invest 100% of our earnings in further system development
Popularity Localized throughout CIS
User-Friendliness Flexible and customer-oriented
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