The Electronic Document Flow Pertaining to Goods and Services module comprises a number of optional sub-modules, and facilitates accounting for received and issued invoices in accordance with accounting regulations defined by legislation, as well as for received and issued goods consignment notes

Module functions
Tax Invoice Accounting
Managing invoice generation requests. Summary invoice generation. Matching invoices against reason documents. Purchase and sale ledger management with support of separate accounting for VAT and Sales Tax taxable items.
Virtual Warehouse
Synchronized Fixed Asset and Inventory module management with the Virtual Warehouse module in the Electronic Invoice Information System in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Browsing balances of goods in the virtual warehouse.
Goods Consignment Notes
Integration with the Goods Consignment Notes module in the Electronic Invoice Information System in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Automatic generation of Goods Consignment Notes. Issued consignment note management (recall, amended note generation, amended note cancellation). Management of received consignment notes (confirmation, rejection, matching, generation of consignment note for goods to be returned).
Key advantages of the module
  • Compliance with legislative standards
  • Automatic exchange of electronic document with supervisory authorities
Advantages Colvir Software Solutions
Reliability 100% successful Projects
Simplicity Product modules are independent of the kernel
Spot-on Relevance International practice focused on banking products and services
Great Potential We invest 100% of our earnings in further system development
Popularity Localized throughout CIS
User-Friendliness Flexible and customer-oriented
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