Colvir Experts Present a Number of Compelling Updates to Colvir ERP System Functionality

12 February 2024, 08:00,
A series of webinars has provided a platform for demonstrating new optional sub-modules and new features of the Payroll, Human Resources, and Fixed Assets modules.
Colvir Experts Present a Number of Compelling Updates to Colvir ERP System Functionality

At the end of 2023, Colvir professional staff conducted a series of webinars dedicated to the Colvir ERP product. The latest updates implemented in the Payroll, Human Resource and Fixed Assets modules were presented to customer employees.


Colvir Software Solutions experts covered in detail the following topics:

  • Accrual and deduction importation functionality extensions
  • New mass order types (e.g. for training, or for disciplinary sanctions)
  • Withholding a training cost compensation in the event of employee resignation or dismissal
  • Installment Payment-Based Asset Disposal optional sub-module
  • Court decision-based employee reinstatement


HR department employees frequently experience a need for the kind of functionality demonstrated in the course of the webinars.

For example, in the event the court has directed the employer to reinstate an employee that has been wrongfully dismissed, the employee’s former status should be fully reinstated (position, salary, etc.). Previously such procedures had to be implemented manually. Now the Human Resource module features a new administrative order type — Employee reinstatement. It cancels the earlier dismissal order. The system will automatically insert in the timesheet appropriate make-up work type (forced absenteeism) for the whole period during which the employee did not work. Based on the timesheet data and on the additional compensation details as mandated by the court, the functionality of the Payroll module will accrue appropriate payments to the employee. The automation of this process facilitates reduction of the time previously taken up by manual operations, as well minimizes room for error in calculating compensation.
Anastasia Zhuykova
Colvir ERP Product Manager

The emergence of new mass order types in the Human Resource and Payroll modules makes the company’s human resource potential management by an order of magnitude more efficient, transparent, and user-friendly, enabling banking professionals to focus on key development aspects while entrusting routine operations to the Colvir system.

A facility has been added to Colvir ERP to automatically withhold funds owed by an employee for his/her training in the event of the employee’s dismissal or resignation. The system will by itself calculate the outstanding amount based on the time worked by the employee. All the presented modifications improve customer experience in the use of the Colvir Core Banking System.
Alexey Soluyanov
Colvir Software Solutions Presale-Manager

The webinar also presented a new optional sub-module to the Fixed Assets module - Installment Payment-Based Asset Disposal. Its key function is to facilitate automatic contract management for the Bank’s asset disposal.

The module supports property disposal leveraging installment payments, it automatically performs VAT calculation, posts amounts to past due, records the fact of title transfer to the customer with capturing in the accounting ledger, performs penalty accrual for late payments under contracts.
Tatyana Yanel
Colvir Software Solutions Analyst

The Colvir ERP product is undergoing continuous development, and the next webinar will demonstrate the facility for HR order importation from Excel files. We invite employees of companies using Colvir CBS to register for the event using the special screen available on the website.


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