Colvir Treasury is a powerful tool designed to achieve maximum efficiency in the user bank's treasury processes.

Treasury delivers automation of transactions processed by the Bank in international and domestic financial markets and includes modules designed to automate transactions in the money and forex markets, derivative instruments market, servicing of interbank credit lines including targeted ones, security transactions, brokerage and custodial functions, trust management, liquidity management automation, risk management and pre-trade limit verification.

Product advantages
SWIFT-format support, automatic generation of outgoing payments in local, as well as in foreign currency, automatic generation of financial accounting documents, deal confirmation matching, and a lot more.
Automatic monitoring of claim and liability performance under financial instruments, manual mapping elimination for deals, payment documents, SWIFT messages. Easy accounting model modification in the event of legal framework changes and flexible financial instrument setup.
Liquidity management processes are tracked online in real time via a cloud-based or integrated solution. Deal loading from trading terminals is performed online for Reuters (Refinitiv), Bloomberg, as well as for Kazakhstan Stock Exchange, Forex Exchange, etc.
Systematizing the user company’s financial activities to a high degree. A single IT solution to manage handling of different financial instruments, authorizations, limits, instant liquidity monitoring, reporting.
Functional Treasury
Functional of Treasury
  • Loading of data for executed deal and exchange status from trading platforms (Moscow Stock Exchange, Russian Stock Exchange, Kazakhstan Stock Exchange, etc.), as well as from Reuters and Bloomberg trading systems leveraging integration interfaces.
  • Document docket management with monitoring of validity periods and holding of document soft copies for all contracts and all deals.
  • Software monitoring of limit compliance when processing transactions.
  • Automatic generation of all requisite accounting entries when processing transactions
  • Instant liquidity monitoring for correspondent accounts.
  • Integration with payment system functionality to support domestic market settlements, as well as international fund transfers.
  • The solution supports IFRS transaction accounting standards.
Business modules
Forex Market
The module supports loading of deal data from trading systems for subsequent processing. Transaction support business process generates and processes requisite outgoing/incoming SWIFT messages, and performs netting, if needed . Banknot deals are supported.
Money Market
The module supports deals for placement and mobilization of deposits and loans in foreign exchange, local currency and precious metals in international and domestic markets, interbank credit lines.
The module supports handling of Government securities, corporate shares, forex-denominated securities, on-us securities, securities-based derivative instruments, and a lot more.
Derivative Instruments
The module supports transactions with multiple derivative instrument types including futures and options (US and European). The system supports use as underlying asset for such futures as securities, forex, interest rates, indices, currency exchange rates, commodities (oil, coal, electricity, etc.).A futures instrument per se may be leveraged as the underlying asset for an option.
Depository Accounting
The module supports quantity accounting for on-us securities, as well as for securities of depository customers, inter-depository settlements , automatic generation of depository orders for SWIFT, TELEX channels , as well as workflow e-documents for 3-d party depositories. 3-d party depositories may also be customers of the depository.
Brokerage Services
Registration of transaction orders: regular, term, margin, REPO. Automatic fee computation for deal participants: broker, exchange, clearing center, depository, intermediary. Computation of return, profit/loss leveraging different methodologies.
Internet Trading
Working with customers of the Bank: correspondents, corporate customers, legal entities and individuals. Product and instrument price flow, current customer position status, handling of different financial instruments:currencies, securities, derivative instruments, etc. Support of agency news feed translation, message exchange with the Bank.
Liquidity Management
The module is essential to support operational management of the Bank's current liquidity. It facilitates payment position management for the Bank's correspondent accounts in real time, as well as on term basis.
Custodial and Trust Management
The module function is to automate custodial services for investment funds, such as accounting for transactions with customers' financial instruments.
Limit Management
The module supports effective setting and tracking of diverse limits, such as counterparty debt limit, per issuer limits, per trader limits, treasury, credit and many others. Limit accounting and management interfaces facilitate quick and convenient browsing of all requisite information with regard to limits set, definition of arbitrary filters and sortings.
implemented projects
What has been done
  • Colvir Treasury product implemented;
  • seamless integration with Colvir Core Banking System;
  • integration with KASE, Reuters, Bloomberg.
What benefits have accrued to the customer
A solution to facilitate operations in international financial markets of member countries and of other countries of the world.
What has been done
The following Treasury modules implemented: Forex Market, Money Market, Stocks and Bonds, Financial Platform Interfaces
What benefits have accrued to the customer
End-to-end automation of Treasuy operations in the domestic and in international financial markets. 
"The Treasury suite of modules is the most intensively used part of the system in the activities of the Eurasian Development Bank whose participants include multiple countries: Kazakhstan, Russia, Armenia, Tajikistan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan. Our Bank transacts in domestic and international markets on a daily basis, and that is why we set such high standards for the quality of automation of those processes. The Colvir Treasury product has met all of our expectations and has made a fair contribution to the development of economic ties among the Bank’s member countries."
The Eurasian Development Bank
  • Controls

    End-to-end business process automation. A powerful user notification system leveraging different information channels, and event-based.
  • Features

    A multitude of available methods for calculating different indicators and deal-related values: schedules for asset/liability principal, interest and fees, penalties.
  • Comfort

    Dealer workstation, back office staff workstation. Flexible setup of process and accounting models.
Advantages Colvir Software Solutions
Reliability 100% successful Projects
Simplicity Product modules are independent of the kernel
Spot-on Relevance International practice focused on banking products and services
Great Potential We invest 100% of our earnings in further system development
Popularity Localized throughout CIS
User-Friendliness Flexible and customer-oriented
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