1989 Founding of the company
2011 start of cooperation with Colvir Software Solutions

Senagat Bank is one of the first commercial banks in Turkmenistan. The entity was established to support private entrepreneurs and enterprises engaged in trade and production activities. The Bank is active in settlements both in local and foreign currency, while at the same time developing lending programs, project finance, and otherwise enhancing its position in the country’s market economy. Senagat was one of the first banks in the country to offer financial support to small and mid-sized businesses. The Bank's services are used by private entrepreneurs, enterprises of all forms of ownership, representatives of small and mid-sized businesses, joint ventures and foreign companies. The bank has branches in all regional centers of Turkmenistan.

The Bank makes use of over 40 modules of the Colvir Core Banking System
Core Banking System
A state-of-the art platform designed to support effective banking operations and complete with a broad range of business modules
Colvir ERP
Colvir ERP takes under control all procurement expenditures and brings about an overall reduction in administration costs.
Internet Banking
Introduction of remote service delivery channel products have improved customer experience and reduced the strain on the Bank branches
On top and by virtue of introducing a successful corporate product, Senagat has achieved a radical enhancement of its competitive advantages, strengthened its reputation as a state-of-the-art and technology-savvy bank, and attracted new customers.
We have been a Colvir customer and a user of the Corporate Internet Banking product for quite a long time. Due to a significant growth of the number of the Bank’s customers there was a need for a product update. The most obvious solution advantages include its broad functionality, user—friendly customer interface, the Internet Banking product architecture that taking into account up-to-date IT requirements for fault tolerance and cybersecurity, as well as full CBS integration. The product operation meets the expectations of the Bank's customers, as well as those of IT department employees and staff who work with the Internet Banking solution. The key impressions are convenience, fast data processing speed and a huge reduction in paperwork. New technologies and products are being actively introduced in our banking sector, so I feel and I know that the introduction of further new solutions for the Bank is not far off!
Mergen Amanov
Senagat Turkmenistan JSCB Project Manager

The IT industry is rapidly developing in Turkmenistan, and this is especially noticeable in the banking sector. Bank customers who manage their business especially appreciate the system functionality that allows them to perform most operations without visiting the Bank. The high performance and reliability of the Corporate Internet Banking solution make Senagat even more attractive for the business community.

As remote banking service delivery is gaining ground in Turkmenistan, it is becoming more and more obvious that customers need remote access to the bank's operations. I would like to thank the bank's team for their trust in choosing us as the product supplier, the cohesive teamwork and the speed of response to questions and suggestions arising in the course of project implementation. Assisting Senagat Bank in the product transformation process was a great honor and a pleasant responsibility for our company.
Marina Grebenik
The Bank’s Colvir Software Solutions Account Manager

The Colvir Corporate Internet Banking solution deployed on a state-of-the-art technology platform is a user-friendly and functional tool for remote service delivery that thanks to its adaptive design offers support of diverse client devices. Improving customer experience boosts customer loyalty and improves business profitability. A happy customer means successful business.

  • 1000 users were served by the previous CIB version
  • 2300 users were served by the new CIB version in September 2022
  • 24/7 Process Automation is one of the factors ensuring Senagat Bank growth and development
  • Respect and trust of customers is the main measure of success of Colvir Software Solutions

The Colvir Software Solutions team performed the requisite Corporate Remote Banking Service Delivery solution modifications and setup taking into consideration the Bank’s needs and its specifics. We have also updated the Service Bus version to support the new CIB. Our remote customer service delivery solution meets the Bank's tight fault tolerance and infrastructure security requirements, offers a user-friendly intuitive interface and end-to-end integration with the Colvir Core Banking System. The solution implementation in Senagat Bank has brought about an increase in the number of CIB users among the Bank’s customers, boosted the transaction numbers, and raised the speed of data processing by the Bank's back office.
Alia Kairbekova
The Colvir Software Solutions Implementation Project Manager

Thanks to the Corporate Internet Banking technology solution from Colvir, Senagat customers do not have to queue at branches, freeing up their time and reducing the strain on the operational offices and Bank counter staff. This increases the speed of the Bank’s processes and allows customers to feel the advantages of Senegat services.

A Colvir success is inseparable from its customer’s win
  • Market Knowledge

    Senagat JSCB is one of the 8 banks in Turkmenistan that are successfully and productively using the Colvir Core Banking System.
  • State-of-the-art Products

    Colvir customers are in a position to be the first to offer advanced and reliable services.
  • A Long-term Relationship

    Since 2011 Colvir has been to Senagat Bank a reliable partner and a participant of all its technology-based development projects.
  • Stable Development

    Thanks to Colvir product updates Senagat Bank are experiencing a steady growth in the number of new customer registrations and their transactions.

Colvir Software Solutions and Senagat Bank: together we are making significant steps on the road to the great success!

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