Colvir Migrates Ziraat Bank to a New Data Capture Product

25 August 2022, 09:00, Baku, Azerbaijan
Informatica products implemented at Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan
Colvir Migrates Ziraat Bank to a New Data Capture Product

Colvir Software Solutions have completed the migration of Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan to a new data capture product — the Informatica solution. Informatica Corporation is the largest international vendor of data integration solutions. The vendor’s product line includes such solutions as Informatica PowerCenter (data integration), Informatica Data Replicator. Colvir Software Solutions is an Informatica technology partner. Within the scope of this partnership we are authorized to sell Informatica software licenses at a discount when delivering our own software.

The Informatica product implementation project schedule at Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan was quite tight, and we are grateful to the Customer for their prompt feedback for any arising questions. In order to achieve product implementation our professional resources had to address a number of challenging. While the implementation project was still ongoing, work was underway to develop new regulatory reports. Some problems emerged that were caused by the differences in object status between the Bank’s current Data Warehouse and Informatica. All the emerging issues were quickly resolved thanks to the well-coordinated work of our project team resources and their colleagues in the product support service. Action was also promptly taken to verify correct operation of the Credit Risks and Regulatory Reporting modules. Professional members of the Colvir Data Warehouse team also optimized the data loading processes, bringing about a reduction in the time taken to perform the Bank’s CBS routine daily maintenance procedures.
Andrey Rubtsov
Project Manager

As a result of the above product implementation, Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan is now in a position to leverage current ORACLE product versions, and has reduced by 25% the time it takes for data to be loaded.

Project implementation was prompt and successful. Within a time span of 3 to 4 months the Bank migrated to an advanced data capture product leveraging new technology. I would like to thank the Colvir professional resources who were involved in the project, as well as the entire team from the Bank for their trust, for prompt resolution of any issues, and for the enjoyable teamwork.
Achilles Metaxa
Colvir Software Solutions Account Manager for the Bank

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