Colvir ERP Product Extended to Include New CLC (Civil Law Contracts) Module

24 August 2021, 11:16, Moscow, Russia
The Colvir ERP product, designed to automate banks’ administrative activities, has now been extended to include functionality for handling civil law contracts.
Colvir ERP Product Extended to Include New CLC (Civil Law Contracts) Module

The development activity for the new Civil Law Contract Management module was initiated in response to multiple requests for this type of functionality from customers of Colvir Software Solutions. Civil law style contracts, whereby the customer and contractor do not enter into a formal employment relationship, are a very popular collaboration format in all industries including banking. The lack of an automated mechanism for issuing civil law contracts was making life more difficult for banks.

To issue this type of contract our customers previously had to leverage individual functions of HR, Payroll and Contract Management modules. This required a lot of manual inputs for report generation. Now the Civil Law Contracts module supports the full cycle for managing those individuals who work for banks under civil law contracts: accounting, calculation, payment of taxes, etc.
Alexandr Gorbus
business analyst with Colvir Software Solutions

While working on the functionality of the Civil Law Contracts module, Colvir developers were continuously interacting with relevant officers of customer banks. Colvir Software Solutions developers collected requirements in the area of civil law contract issuance from different banks and created a solution that works across the board. The foundation of the new module is provided by functionality that has been proven in other products. Two of our customers in Kazakhstan (CenterCredit Bank and Nurbank) have already purchased and implemented this solution, and are now proactively using it. The Civil Law Contracts module is also being implemented in Alokabank in Uzbekistan.

The new Civil Law Contracts module in Colvir CBS fully complies with local statutory provisions, thus ensuring a fast, transparent and effective process for formal onboarding of individuals who are retained under civil law contracts. It is very convenient for relevant officers of the Bank as the module does not contain any redundant input fields, and all user scripts have been developed taking into account specific features of civil law contracts, i.e. without provisions for vacation, sick leave, etc.
Vyacheslav V. Gik
IT Manager, CenterCredit Bank

The Civil Law Contracts module is part of the Colvir ERP module suite - please refer for detailed information to the product page.


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