Colvir Presents a Number of Improvements to the HR Module

18 April 2023, 09:00, United Kingdom
Employees of banks using Colvir ERP have attended a webinar focusing on new module functionalities
Colvir Presents a Number of Improvements to the HR Module

A regular Colvir Software Solutions webinar was staged in March 2023 to present new product features to employees of banks using Colvir ERP, and HR module in particular

The webinar presented latest improvements made to the Colvir ERP solution. These include new functionality, as well as upgrades to existing functionality. The presented new features included some global improvements, as well as minor details that save a few minutes for the HR department employee doing the job, and make using the system more comfortable.
Alexey Soluyanov
Colvir Software Solutions Presale Manager

The following new features were demonstrated within the webinar scope:

  • New administrative order creation for Annual leave extension (for the sick leave period duration);
  • Dismissal administrative order generation without a resignation request;
  • Modified interface for adding a picture to the employee record;
  • Granting access to employees for personal payroll slip review;
  • Adding to the list template in the Personnel Management application information with regard to annual leave types, employee sick leave certificates;
  • Showing the full employee business unit hierarchy in the employee record as well as in administrative orders.

All the presented modifications improve customer experience of Colvir CBS users. For example, the audience interest was aroused by the new interface editor for adding a picture to the employee record. The updated functionality enables the user to select photos of ad hoc proportion and resolution, clip and scale pictures. A further addition was an option to obtain information of one’s payroll calculation details at an arbitrary point in time. Now there is no need for an employee to involve the accounting department, as he/she can independently download his/her payroll slip for an arbitrary period. One of the most relevant improvements is the new administrative order creation for Annual leave extension (for the sick leave period duration) Now in the event a sick leave is generated the system can automatically extend the employee’s annual leave, if needed.
Anastasia Zhuikova
Colvir ERP Product Expert

All the product innovations make working easier for system users, and enable them to obtain required information promptly and ad oculos. The demonstrated functionality has already been implemented and is actively used by Colvir customers. We have received from them positive feedback.

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