Colvir Holds a Series of Summer Webinars

6 September 2023, 09:00, United Kingdom
The first autumn webinar will be held on September 20, 2023, and will focus on the Payroll module of Colvir ERP
Colvir Holds a Series of Summer Webinars

It has become quite a tradition for Colvir to hold webinars on Colvir CBS functionality upgrades and its new recently implemented features during summer months when bank employees have much more spare time. 4 webinars were held from May to June 2023. Three of those were devoted to changes in the Colvir ERP Payrolland Human Resource modules, while the fourth webinar focused on Colvir Data Center services.

The demonstrated modifications included a reversal operation that can now be applied in the Payroll module to any calculation. Once this operation is processed, reversal entries are applied to all the accounting entries posted, while the reversed calculation is removed from further processing in the reporting system. When discussing the Human Resource module, we informed our colleagues from banks about the new feature that supports distribution of cash disbursements over periods to which they belong. Thus, a new administrative order has been developed in the Human Resource module for one-off bonus disbursements. The order should state the period which is covered by the bonus. When calculations for such an order are processed in the Payroll module, the System will automatically distribute the disbursement over periods. Recalculations are also automatically distributed over relevant periods.
Alexey Soluyanov
Colvir Software Solutions Presale Manager


We have developed for the Payroll module three versions of the recalculation operation: recalculation of accruals only, and recalculation of both accruals and deductions, with posting of the recalculated amounts to the recalculation period, or to the current one. As a result of payroll transfers refactoring and functionality extension, we now have a payroll transfer template setup function. 3 different methods are now available for such transfer creation: one-off per employee calculation-based, template-based, and automatic covering all amounts available for transfer. On top of that, amounts due for transfer may now be adjusted and distributed among different accounts of the target employee. A bulk payment disbursement function is now also available.
Anastasia Zhuikova
Colvir ERP Product Expert


The first webinar focused on Colvir Data Center services was also held this summer.


Colvir customers are taking a more and more active interest in services offered by the Colvir Data Center, so we are working to develop it further, and that is why there are things we can tell you about. For example, we have launched an auto-testing service, we perform loads testing, we assist our customers in product version implementation or replacement. The Colvir Data Center offers to our customers a broad range of services that customers may vary depending on their requirements, and thus obtain the computing power they need. We discuss all this within the scope of webinars dedicated to our Data Center services.
Stanislav Malinin
Colvir Software Solutions Presale Manager



The first webinar to open our autumn program will be dedicated to the new accrual and deduction import functionality in our Payroll module. It will be held on September 20 at 15 o’clock Almaty and Astana time. In order to register for the webinar, it is necessary to request relevant information from the Colvir account manager, or send from the business e-mail address to the following information: name, company name and position.

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