A New Report Generation Service from Colvir Software Solutions

20 July 2023, 07:00, United Kingdom
Colvir customers have had a chance to learn about the new product functionality in the course of a Colvir webinar
A New Report Generation Service from Colvir Software Solutions

In 2023 Colvir have developed a user-friendly solution for report generation and delivery— the Report Generation Service. It facilitates a reduction of the office load by offering a facility for report generation via a customer-friendly interface to banking service delivery channels, or to other corporate information systems. The Colvir product range had already included a standard Report Generatorsolution. The new service creation was intended to support the latest requirements — with respect to quick report generation based on large data samples (i.e. those including a large number of columns and lines), as well as with respect to there being no need to perform any additional conversions in order to output data via service delivery channels.


In the course of the webinar we demonstrated the Report Generation Service to employees of banks and national postal operators using our Core Banking System. Not only did we present the solution core functionalities, but we also demonstrated its operation on a live system. We demonstrated system capabilities in terms of customer statement generation in the excel, pdf, json formats, real time report form modification, diagnostic and statistical functionalities.
Stanislav Malinin
Colvir Software Solutions Presale Manager


The advantages of the new report generation service include as follows:

  • A user-friendly and readily understandable API

The report generation function can be easily integrated into any information system that is part of a bank’s IT infrastructure.

  • A template format that is unified with the CBS

A simple and readily understood language that is used to set up report generation templates.

  • A state-of-the-art platform

A scalable platform that meets all the requirements in terms of speed, reliability and fault tolerance.

  • Savings

Open source components do not require licensing costs to be incurred.


By leveraging the Colvir Report Generation Service a bank can take its customer interaction processes to a new level. Our customers in Uzbekistan are making active use of the new service, and are fully convinced of the speed and reliability of its operationя.
Stanislav Malinin
Colvir Software Solutions Presale Manager

The Report Generation Service is a cross platform solution comprising an API, a back end and a stand-alone service written in Python. Key product advantages include its integration to Colvir CBS, fast implementation, a minimum resource requirement for service deployment, a single report template together with a multitude of options for export to file, a user-friendly web console used to receive diagnostic and statistical information.


In order to arrange demonstration of Colvir solutions, please write to sales@colvir.com. To stay up to date with interesting fintech industry news and events, please subscribe to Colvir Telegram channel.

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