Colvir Implements Enhancement to Optimize Account Balance Keeping

7 December 2022, 09:00, London, United Kingdom
Colvir Implements Enhancement to Optimize Account Balance Keeping

Colvir has implemented an enhancement to optimize keeping of account balances. As a result of this optimization a twofold increase in the speed of obtaining account balances has been achieved. The optimization has also speeded up other resource-intensive tasks and processes:


  • “heavy” report generation
  • newperiod (year) opening
  • scheduled business day opening/closing procedures


The enhancement is ready for delivery to all Colvir customers.

The enhancement is useful and attractive for all our customers. On top of speeding up the balance obtaining process, the implemented enhancements make a positive impact on the overall CBS performance.
Stanislav Malinin
Colvir Software Solutions Pre-Sale Manager

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