Customers of Senagat Bank, Turkmenistan, Gain Access to Upgraded Corporate Internet Banking Solution

28 July 2022, 09:00, Turkmenistan
Well-coordinated efforts of the join team made up of employees of the Bank and Colvir Software Solutions has facilitated quick and efficient product go-live
Customers of Senagat Bank, Turkmenistan, Gain Access to Upgraded Corporate Internet Banking Solution

The upgraded version of the Corporate Internet Banking solution went live in May 2022 in Senagat Bank – one of the first commercial banks in Turkmenistan.

As remote banking is gaining traction in Turkmenistan, it is becoming more and more obvious that customers need remote access to the Bank’s operations. I would like to convey our gratitude to the Bank’s team for their trust in selecting us as the product supplier, for the seamless interaction and for their prompt response to questions and suggestions arising in the course of project implementation. Assisting Senagat Bank in product transformation is a great honor and an enjoyable responsibility for our company.
Marina Grebenik
Colvir Software Solutions Account Manager for Senagat Bank

The IT industry in Turkmenistan is developing by leaps and bound, and this is particularly visible in the banking sector. When managing their business, bank customers place greatest value on the system simplicity, user-friendliness and speed. The high performance and reliability of the Corporate Internet Banking solution make Senagat even more attractive to business people.

For a long time already we have been Colvir customer and users of the Corporate Internet Banking product. We needed to upgrade the product once the number of the Bank’s customers has grown quite substantially. The most obvious product advantages include its rich functionality, user-friendly customer interface, the Internet Banking solution architecture meeting state-of-the-art fault tolerance and cyber security IT industry standards, as well as its full integration with the CBS. It was not that long ago, just in May, 2022, that our upgraded solution went live. The way the product runs makes happy both customers of the Bank and those IT Department employees who handle the Internet Banking solution. Key impressions include user-friendliness, fast data processing speed and a dramatic reduction in the amount of paperwork. New technologies and new products are being proactively implemented in our banking sector, and that makes me feel that before too long we will be implementing further new solutions for our Bank!
Mergen Amanov
Senagat Turkmenistan JSC Project Manager

The successful product for legal entity customers has helped Senagat to boost its competitive advantages, strengthen its reputation of a technology-savvy and modern bank, and attract new customers.


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