Colvir Subject Matter Experts Present Inventories Module Upgrades

29 May 2023, 09:00, London, United Kingdom
The new functionality was demonstrated to customers in the course of a webinar series focused on the Colvir ERP product.
Colvir Subject Matter Experts Present Inventories Module Upgrades

Colvir subject matter experts have presented upgrades to the Inventories module. Colvir follows the customer’ needs developing its solutions and implementing new capabilities. The latest improvements to the Colvir ERP solution and new functionalities of the Inventories module have been presented in the course of webinars arranged for employees of banks using Colvir CBS.

A lot of interest from webinar participants was drawn by the information regarding cash disbursement functionality extensions. The most common method of settlement vis-à-vis accountable persons has of late become the use of corporate cards. Less and less often funds are advanced in cash to an accountable person, it is more convenient to transfer funds to a corporate cards. New Colvir system functionality facilitates easy corporate card top-up, periodic expense claim submission, expense accounting and tracking card funds movements.
Anstasia Zhuikova
Colvir ERP Product Expert

Other innovations have also been introduced at the webinar. These included support of revaluation applied to goods already received into stock, and ability to reverse expenses already posted at the time of inventory write-off.

Our colleagues from banks were interested to learn whether new functionalities could be adapted to the specific requirements of their business processes. Questions concerned ability to integrate innovations proposed in the webinar in the day-to-day life of our customers, and settlement schemes that they employ.
Alexey Soluyanov
Colvir Software Solutions Presale Manager

Colvir ERP continue their further development. A number of improvements are scheduled in the near future to the Human Resources and Payroll module processes. For example, a new order will be developed for restoring an employee to his/her position by court order with support of payroll accrual for the forced idle time period (suspension form work). An update will also be made to the order for one-off payments to employees. All modifications are schedule for demonstration in the course of future webinars organized for Colvir customers.


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