The off-site workshop for Kazakhstan banks has ended in Batumi

16 June 2022, 09:00, Batumi, Georgia
During the period June 4 through June 12 banking professionals were able to explore at first hand expert-level capabilities offered by Colvir CBS
The off-site workshop for Kazakhstan banks has ended in Batumi

Colvir Сamp is a new event format whereby participants in addition to training and sharing their experiences gain impressions that help to solidify the acquired knowledge. The program was delivered in an off-site format in the unique environment of the Georgian resort city and hosted employees of Center Credit Bank, Altyn Bank and Otbasy Bank. The keynote topic of the 2022 Colvir Camp event was the Colvir System Composition for Experts course The training event was hosted by the Academy of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia.

We have already accumulated a large body of experience running training programs for Colvir products either at customer sites, or at Colvir training classes. It is however for the first time ever that we have run a course using a sea-side resort city to host it. The choice of an off-site format is a decision that makes it possible for banks to meet two challenges: raise the professional skill level of their key employees while at the same time enhancing their loyalty and motivation. Each of the parties participating in the Colvir Camp’22 event in Batumi has achieved some boastworthy goals. Program participants have acquired new knowledge and practical skills, as well as bright impressions of Georgia. Center Credit Bank, Altyn Bank and Otbasy Bank have obtained some high-class core banking system experts. For Colvir as the event organizer its success is determined by positive participant feedback. We are not the only ones who should get credit for this achievement— I would like to convey our gratitude to the Academy of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia for their excellent site hosting the event, as well as for their assistance in arranging entertainment activities and helping the visitors in getting to know the city of Batumi, Georgian nature and traditions.
Vladislav Kurnenkov
HRD and Head of Learning Center

During the event week Colvir Camp attendees on a daily basis learnt the composition of the Colvir Core Banking System led by a Training Center expert, analyzed practical cases, accomplished non-trivial tasks on their own, while socializing during the breaks and strengthening their professional connections. As event attendees work for different departments of their respective banks, their participation in the Colvir event was for them on top of everything else equal to a team-building exercise. Following the end of the training program Colvir Camp attendees went on sight-seeing tours and attended culinary master classes.

The event was very useful: we gained a lot of new knowledge, while also refreshing our existing skills in managing the Colvir system. I would also like to say thank you so much to the highly skilled professionals and course organizers.
Andrew Pak
Developer, Otbasy Bank

It was extremely interesting! I have learned a lot of things that will later come handy in my work. Many thanks for the experience!
Timur Pirmakhanov
Senior Manager, Information System Maintenance Department, Altyn Bank

Given the limited length of time it lasted, Colvir Camp attendance was time very productively spent. The material provided was substantial and useful. The topics were brought to light comprehensively, and presented in a form that was sufficiently simple and easy to grasp. The speaker quickly and competently dealt with questions coming from the audience, and provided assistance in solving complicated problems complete with easy to understand comments. As this happens to be summer time, the smart event organization has made it possible to benefit from the training, as well as from the enjoyable time in Batumi!
Evgeny Gertsen
Director, Digital Transformation Department, Otbasy Bank

The course topics encompassed the complete spectrum of banking operations, and had been defined taking into account requests from all the participating banks. The list of most relevant and useful ones, as identified by bank employees, included business process setup, report generation, system administration, scenario setup, payment system interaction, and others.
The offered course consolidates the entirety of our experience in the area of core banking system setup and operational support, and facilitates in-depth studying of global principles, as well as of details of the CBS operation. All bank representatives attending the course are professionals, each in his own area. They were all active, all keen to get immersed in the subject. Their day-to-day activities involve the use of all the modules that we covered in our course, and that is why the knowledge they gained has freshened up their skills and expanded their knowledge. Having received their Colvir CBS expert certificates, program participants will now be in a position to use the core banking system with maximum effectiveness.
Vasily Basalay
Training Center expert

Colvir Software Solutions would like to offer to Colvir Camp attendees congratulations on the successful completion of the course, and wish them achievement of high professional results for the benefit of their respective banks. Having tried out the off-site training format, we are now satisfied as to its effectiveness, and we are planning to arrange such events for our customers on a regular basis. To be the first to learn of similar off-site programs for banking professionals, please follow our announcements at our site, on our Facebook account and in Training Center mailshots.

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