Production DB Growth Challenge Faced by Center Credit Bank Resolved Thanks to Colvir Solution

19 December 2022, 09:00, Almaty, Kazakhstan
The Colvir Online Archiving solution enables “quiet” archiving with a configurable data cleansing depth
Production DB Growth Challenge Faced by Center Credit Bank Resolved Thanks to Colvir Solution

The Colvir Online Archiving solution was brought into production operation at the Center Credit Bank (BCC) in September 2022. The service delivers real-time unutilized data transfer to the archive DB without the need to suspend system operation. This frees up DB resources and speeds up system performance.

The eight-year-long collaboration between Center Credit Bank and Colvir Software Solutions has been based on a high level of partnership relations and has been rewarding for all its participants. It was at the end of last year that our BCC colleagues shared with us their problem of the escalating production database. The one-shot pruning approach was not acceptable for the Bank, as they were looking for a reliable systematic solution.
Victor Praded
the BCC account manager with Colvir Software Solutions

The Colvir Online Archiving solution enables “quiet” archiving in background mode, with configurable data cleansing depth, thus reducing the production DB growth rate by ten folds.

​​The Online Archiving solution is seamlessly integrated to the Colvir platform; it ensures a high degree of compatibility with the Customer’s data structure and safeguards the archived data. A large number of pre-transfer data checks have been implemented in order to maximize the process safety.. The key advantage of the Colvir solution is the size of the base and, accordingly, the size of the test database.
Maksim Poluboyartsev
Business Analyst at Colvir Software Solutions

BCC needed the Online Archiving implementation project in order to increase their system performance and optimize their operation costs by reducing the size of their main transactional database.

Following the Online Archiving solution go-live we expect a reduction in the operational system maintenance costs, and a change in the routine system maintenance and management procedure schedule. In future we are planning further Core Banking System development projects leveraging Colvir solutions, such as E-Money and the Integration Bus based on the micro-service architecture.
Darkhan N. Aspandiyarov
Managing Director of Center Credit Bank

The collaboration between Colvir Software Solutions and Center Credit Bank has been quite rewarding — any arising issues were promptly resolved by concerted efforts of the two Online Archiving project implementation teams.

Both teams have been working in concert throughout the project. I would like to thanks the Bank’s team led by Olga V. Kim for their professionalism and their responsible attitude that have ensured successful implementation of the archiving and database cleansing tool.
Aliya Kairbekova
Colvir-side Project Manager

Colvir Online Archiving solution is a service sought-after by our customers, as it offers a number of competitive advantages. While in case of manual pruning data keeps accumulating in the database on a daily basis (the typical monthly growth rate being 1-5%), the use of online archiving will completely eliminate this growth.

Our solution ensures tight control of the process for transferring unutilized data to the archive database, as well as reduces the physical growth of the production DB size, thus bringing about improved system performance. The Colvir solution is quite sought after by Colvir customers. Besides Center Credit Bank, the Colvir online archiving solution is being successfully used by Halyk Bank. 
Stanislav Malinin
Colvir Software Solutions Pre-Sale Manager

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