Azerpost Takes Stock of Financial Year-End Results

22 November 2023, 08:00, Baku, Azerbaijan
In 2022 the national postal operator of Azerbaijan expanded its activity scope and increased its revenues by 36%
Azerpost Takes Stock of Financial Year-End Results

The Azerpost company, a Colvir customer, has published its audited financial report for 2022. The postal operator’s revenues come from the postal and banking services that it provides to the public. For example, Azerpost makes investments in foreign and in Government securities. As a result, in 2022 its revenues grew by 36% as compared with the previous year, and its aggregate assets grew by 44%. While the company demonstrated losses at the end of 2021, its year-end results for 2022 show a profit of AZN 4,3 million ($2,5 million)

Over the period of our collaboration with Azerpost we went together through the company establishment and formative periods, as well as through its transformation and change periods. What has remained unchanged is the pursuance of further service development and upgrading for the benefit of its customers. Azerpost, as the sole national postal operator in the country, is facing a difficult and demanding task — delivering to the public state-of-the-art postal services throughout the territory of Azerbaijan. We, Colvir are proud to be the Azerpost partner and assistant in performing this highly important mission. Our developments and our solutions assist postal operators in improving the quality of customer services by raising the service delivery speed and improving its quality, in expanding the range of delivered services, and in managing their business effectively.
Marina Grebenik
Azerpoast Account Manager with Colvir Software Solutions

Azerpost today features over 5000 employees, 63 PO branches, 7 regional communication nodes, and 4 express mail services that effect domestic and international parcel delivery. On top pf conventional postal services, the national operator offers a broad range of payment services, utility bill collection, domestic and international remittances, and a lot more. Year after year Azerpost follows customer needs through expansion of its service range and technology development. Colvir is happy to accompany its customer on this road. At this point in time a joint team including Post Office and vendor employees is busy implementing a project to upgrade the AML functionality.

Next year Colvir Software Solutions and Azerpost will celebrate the 10th anniversary of their collaboration — years filled with productive interaction and steady development for the good of society. Colvir is proud of the honor of being the vendor of the postal and banking solutions leveraged by the national postal operator of Azerbaijan.

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