Colvir Software Solutions Congratulates KazPost on the 30th Anniversary of their Contemporary History

29 September 2023, 08:00, Kazakhstan
Colvir Software Solutions Congratulates KazPost on the 30th Anniversary of their Contemporary History

Contemporary history of JSC KazPost started in 1993 with the separation of postal and telecommunication services. Despite the fact that the Kazakhstan national postal operator traces back its history to the opening of the first post office branch back in 1860, it has been the last three decades that saw the emergence of everything that has become the company’s brand identity: its global network coverage, its vast spectrum of postal and financial services, its fast and user-friendly digital customer services.


For 20 years KazPost has already been successfully using Colvir Postal Automation System thanks to which it has established a common information space for thousands of branches throughout the country and achieved a significant expansion of the range of services offered to customers.


Over the 20 years of our collaboration our two companies have travelled a long way. Besides Colvir Postal Automation System, KazPost makes use of our core banking solution including Colvir ERP modules, Treasury, delivery channel products, and a lot more. Over these years the Kazakhstan national postal operator has on multiple occasions come to us with ambitious tasks. As a result of our concerted joint efforts, we have always managed to achieve the highest results possible. For example, the go-live of Colvir Core Banking System brought about an increase in the financial transaction volume (four-fold), in labor efficiency (two-fold) and financial services turnover (+US Dollars 500 million) — based on management reports over the three years following Colvir CBS go-live.
Yuri Arutyunyan
Colvir Software Solutions Account Manager


Over the 30 years of its business operations KazPost has become one of the leaders in providing high quality postal and logistical, financial and digital services. The Kazakhstan national postal operator has built an effective ecosystem and has focused on developing electronic services, end-to-end digitization and technology improvement.


One of Colvir advantages is its experience of working in the banking industry which places most exacting demands on IT solution quality, speed and reliability. Not only has Colvir Postal Automation System been implemented with a high quality level, its important feature is integration with banking services and service delivery channel technologies.

Colvir solutions span the full spectrum of operations that KazPost needs: postal and logistical, as well as banking. Postal automation and banking system modules undergo regular updates and run reliably, and this helps to cope with challenges presented by time and keep up to date holding a course for continuous customer service improvement. Over the past few years we have gone through the pandemic, realigning ourselves for remote service delivery, have embraced the cashless settlement age, have upgraded our internet service architecture with a view to improved fault-tolerance.
Asem Nurgalieva
Kazpost Digital Managing Director

Our company is proud of the opportunity to be a KazPost partner and its IT solution vendor, and go together through the digital transformation period. Modern digital technologies are being introduced into all aspects of KazPost operations. This concerns functionality extension of existing products and services, as well as emergence of new growth opportunities in the В2С, В2В segments, e-Commerce, using crypto-currencies, etc. One of the most relevant joint projects is KazPost migration to the ISO 20022 international financial electronic messaging standard with regard to the Kazakhstan National Payment System, and with regard to SWIFT transfers in the longer run. We are interested in the success and development of our customer JSC KazPost as much as in our own success, and we will do everything we can to achieve this goal.
Yuri Arutyunyan
Colvir Software Solutions Account Manager


We, Colvir Software Solutions, offer to KazPost our congratulations on the occasion of their jubilee, and we thank KazPost for our partnership, for our joint development and our drive to a progressive future.

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