The Corporate Internet Banking Solution from Colvir Drastically Speeds up Customer Service Delivery at the Turkmen-Turkish Bank

9 November 2023, 08:00, Turkmenistan
The Corporate Internet Banking Solution from Colvir Drastically Speeds up Customer Service Delivery at the Turkmen-Turkish Bank

In 2023 professional personnel from Colvir Software Solutions have implemented a number of product updates at the Turkmen-Turkish Bank (TTB). The Corporate Internet Banking solution for remote customer service delivery and the Notification Service have been implemented at this first bank in Turkmenistan with foreign investment.

The Turkmen-Turkish Bank, that will be celebrating this year the 30th anniversary of its foundation, is making progress in embracing new technologies and offering state-of-the-art facilities to its customers. In this context the Corporate Internet Banking Solution and the Notification Service are both proven, high-performance and state-of-the-art solutions in terms of technology. That is why the project has gone through all its stages in a predictable manner. Both our team and the Bank deserve the highest marks for the work they have done thanks to their excellent communication and their focus on success.
Achilles Metaxa
Colvir Software Solutions Account Manager


The implementation of new IT solutions at the Turkmen-Turkish Bank will facilitate continuing the trend for end-to-end process automation, raise the data processing speed, reduce the paperwork volume and achieve a dramatic improvement of customer experience. According to global research of customer satisfaction with banking services the key factor for most customers is a bank’s ability to offer to its customers a comprehensive range of services. The emergence of new service delivery solutions at the Turkmen-Turkish Bank will serve to strengthen the loyalty of existing customers and attract new ones.

The Business Internet Banking solution will facilitate offering to customers online a broad range of banking services. This means faster and more comfortable service delivery, lower office costs and optimized loading of branch sales personnel. The Notification Service is responsible for message conversion and routing, message que management and maintenance of an independent message log. The products are available 24x7.
Stanislav Malinin
Colvir Software Solutions Presale Manager

The implementation project went as planned, and was distinguished by the high degree of professionalism and cohesion demonstrated by the project teams from the Turkmen-Turkish Bank and Colvir Software Solutions.

Our Corporate Internet Banking solution meets the Bank’s requirements in terms of fault tolerance and infrastructure security, and offers a user friendly and intuitive interface, as well as seamless Colvir CBS integration. The implementation of this solution brings about improvements in process automation, speeds up data processing, and reduces the paperwork volume. We have used the project scope to implement a number of additional requirements of the Bank with regard to the Corporate Internet Banking tool. As far as the Notification Service module is concerned, we provided a standard solution that facilitates message dispatch from application modules, such as Loans, Deposits, Card Back Office, Current Account Services Operations, and others. Our collaboration with the Turkmen-Turkish Bank was successful and productive. I would like to thank the Bank’s team on behalf of our implementation team for their productive work.
Aliya Kairbekova
Implementation Manager

The new solutions from Colvir are successfully running at the Turkmen-Turkish Bank making the life and work of the Bank’s employees and its customers more comfortable and effective on a daily basis.

The Bank’s customers, company owners, have been long waiting to gain access to remote banking services for their business, and are now pleased to avail themselves of all the advantages offered by the new products. Receiving immediate notifications enables our customers to always stay up to date with everything that is relevant to their business, stay in control of the situation, and ensure timely performance of all relevant financial operations. Our customers list among new product advantages their high performance and the broad range of opportunities they offer.
Khodzhamamed Alchekov
TTB IT Department Head

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