1991 Founding of the company
2020 start of cooperation with Colvir Software Solutions
Islamic Zaman Bank JSC is one of the oldest banks in Kazakhstan. The length of the Bank’s track record in the banking industry together with its highly professional team ensure for the Bank’s customers prompt service delivery, personalized services, fast decision making and non-stop support. One of the Bank’s shareholders is the Islamic Corporation for Private Sector Development (ICD) which is a multi-lateral organization and a member of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Group. The Bank is a partner of the leading global Shariyah Review Bureau company in the area of Shariyah principles and standards consultancy.
The most relevant and pertinent solutions for Zaman Bank
Core Banking System
Its comprehensive implementation fully spans the current needs of the Bank.
Internet Banking
Internet Banking for Business and Delivery Channels Back Office are state-of-the-art solutions designed to raise the quality of services delivered to customers of the Bank.
Regulatory Reporting
Compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements is a key advantage of Colvir products.
The system go-live took place on October 12, 2020. Colvir CBS is fully localized for Kazakhstan, it supports key regulatory requirements and ensures requisite integration with information systems of relevant Government bodies of the country. The success of engagement between Colvir and Zaman Bank was facilitated by project managers who ensured prompt communication among project participants, deadline management and full implementation of the Bank’s requirements.
“A new CBS implementation process is always complicated, and that is something we were ready for. The implementation was successful due to the professional competence and large body of experience of the Colvir team. Any issues that occurred were promptly resolved. The principle objective in the initial phase was to ensure that Bank staff “make friends” with the new CBS. Thanks to the fact that Colvir CBS is superbly adapted to the needs of bank staff the first few months did not show any negative effects on the speed of the Bank’s business processes”.
Ms. Asayeva Gulfairuz Erlanovna
Chairperson of the Management Board of Islamic Zaman Bank JSC
  • 23 Business modules Zaman Bank makes use of such Colvir CBS module suites as Core Banking, Trade Finance, Compliance and Risk Management, Omni-Channel Service Delivery, and others
  • 70 Colvir CBS users The Colvir product successfully copes with a large transaction volume
  • 0 Critical errors No critical errors or down time have occurred in the Bank’s operations since go-live
  • 1000 transactions Speeding up of operational processes inside the Bank
  • 2 IT department employees-have completed their training 2 Zaman Bank employees have received international certificates for using Colvir CBS
  • Respect and trust of customers is the main measure of success of Colvir Software Solutions

"In implementing Colvir we were guided by our long-term strategic goals and objectives. This state-of-the-art CBS enables our Bank to continue its development in the chosen direction. The increase in process speed and improvement in efficiency are the first and most visible examples of the achieved results. On top of that, Zaman Bank is now proactively developing a new product line, and the CBS versatility has a significant role to play in this endeavor. The quality of technical support and its non-stop delivery are another factor we took into account in CBS supplier selection. We are pleased to say that our expectations have been completely fulfilled."
Ms. Asayeva Gulfairuz Erlanovna
Chairperson of the Management Board of Islamic Zaman Bank JSC
Colvir success is inseparable from that of its customer.
  • Company experience

    Zaman Bank is one of 15 banks in Kazakhstan using Colvir CBS.
  • Expertise

    Colvir has been present in the banking automation market for 21 years, and it knows the ins and outs of the banking industry operation in CIS countries, and in Kazakhstan in particular.
  • Long-term relationship

    Having commenced its collaboration with Zaman Bank in 2020, Colvir has ensured interruption-free system operation while helping the Bank to develop its product line.
  • Ecosystem

    Combining the CBS with additional Colvir modules facilitates managing the Bank’s activities within a single ecosystem and eliminating duplication of data

Colvir thanks Islamic Zaman Bank JSC for its trust and hopes for years of joint success in future!

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