1998 Founding of the company
2014 start of cooperation with Colvir Software Solutions

Altyn Bank is a universal commercial bank in Kazakhstan providing a comprehensive range of services to corporate and retail customers. The Bank’s flagship brand is Altyn-i — a digital bank for individuals.

“Altyn Bank is a modern and technology-wise that is using its best efforts to make its products and processes accessible online as much as possible. This is the kind of very demanding customer collaboration with which confirms our development team professionalism and relevance of our solutions. Working together we create future banking technologies that are available today”.  

(Yuri Arutiunian, Colvir Account Manager)

Over the 5 of our collaboration with Altyn Bank we have deployed and implemented the following products, for which we have also been providing ongoing support.
Core Banking System
Efficient operation of the Bank and automation of all banking transactions.
Internet Banking
Internet Banking is a state-of-the-art solution for remote banking service delivery.
All Treasury functions spanning the needs of Front Office, Middle Office and Back Office.
Having ensured secure, interruption-free and efficient operation of all the deployed IT solutions, our company continues working together with Altyn Bank to address new challenges. Colvir professionals are currently in the process of upgrading the Securities module in the Treasury suite. Another in-process activity is replacement of the existing Altyn Bank interface to the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange necessitated by the implementation of the MOEX technology.
We use our best efforts to investigate in advance upcoming in order to ensure that solutions we implement to address such challenges are effective. Thus our preparations are already underway for implementing in Altyn Bank a large-scale project to convert financial messages to international ISO 20022 standard. Thanks to the fact that the state-of-the-art Colvir Core Banking System is already up and running in the Bank, implementing the financial Esperantoв, as people tend to describe ISO 20022, will not necessitate any cardinal changes and will not in any way disrupt routine operations of the Bank.”
Yuri Arutiunian
Colvir Account Manager
  • 300 Colvir CBS users The system has been implemented to handle a vast majority of processes within the Bank
  • >1 transactions per day The Colvir product successfully copes with large transaction volume
  • 49 Business modules Altyn Bank makes use of 7 Colvir CBS global suites: Core Banking, Trade Finance, Compliance and Risk Management, Retail Banking, Omni-Channel Service Delivery, Treasury
  • 160 000 customers Process automation is one of the factors facilitating Altyn Bank growth and development
  • 6 IT department employees-have completed their training 5 Altyn Bank employees have received international certificates for using Colvir CBS
  • 7 the duration of the implementation project Colvir CBS implementation went according to plan and took 7 months to complete
  • Respect and trust of customers is the main measure of success of Colvir Software Solutions

"By starting our collaboration with Colvir Software Solutions we kicked off a global change process to pursue automation and digitization of our business. We can now already see its first results. The transition that Altyn Bank has achieved with Colvir assistance has proved its effectiveness and relevance under the continuously changing digital world conditions. We have been able to automate the activities of our personnel improving their performance, as well as to offer to our customers a number of new services strengthening the Bank’s position in the retail sector."
Oleg Dobjaiev
IT Director, Altyn Bank JSC
Colvir victories
Colvir`s success is inseparable from the client's victories
  • Company experience

    Altyn Bank is one of 15 banks in Kazakhstan using Colvir CBS.
  • Expertise

    Colvir has been present in the banking automation market for 21 years, and it knows the ins and outs of the banking industry operation in CIS countries, and in Kazakhstan in particular.
  • Long-term relationship

    Having commenced its collaboration with Altyn Bank in 2014, Colvir has ever been ensuring interruption-free technical support of its CBS.
  • Ecosystem

    Combining the CBS with additional Colvir modules facilitates managing the Bank’s activities within a single ecosystem and eliminating duplication of data and a software "zoo".

We at Colvir value our collaboration with Altyn Bank, we are proud of it and are confidently looking forward to even more impressive results in future!

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