Core Banking System

The underlying principle of Colvir CBS is customer orientation, and it offers an impressive array of modules that a bank needs. The system is distinguished by its reliability, high performance, development process optimization. Colvir Core Banking System complies with a multitude of international industry standards, e.g.  such standards with respect to the range of processed operations, security, audit. 

Colvir Core Banking System represents a state-of-the-art platform designed to support effective banking business management, based on a hybrid architecture and offering a wide range of business modules spanning a large number business processes in a bank of any size – from a small niche one to large universal banks. The system meets current requirements applied to solutions for automating financial institution activities, it has been localized for 10 countries and can be easily adapted for launching in new countries, it is being continuously improved and developed further in line with business requirements.

Product advantages
Adaptability without coding
The platform incorporates a number of pre-installed components that simplify setup of application modules, reports, templates and products. This facilitates for bank staff quick launching of products, independent improvement of system processes, and implementing setups that reduce time-to-market and vendor dependence thanks to the customer’s ability to perform system modifications leveraging their own resources.
Modular Design Concept
Colvir automate key banking processes enabling the system to be configured in line with the Bank’s current needs and development perspectives. The broad product line facilitates for user banks prompt response to market requirements that keep changing continuously. Colvir CBS includes a corporate Service Bus and a Data Warehouse.
New Generation Open Architecture
Service-oriented architecture is an ideal solution for effective IT infrastructure adaptation to the company’s business goals. Colvir CBS assists banks in achieving a top competitive ranking due to its inherent simplicity of banking process integration, its flexibility and minimized risk of downtime or data loss.
Premium Class Services
Colvir Software Solutions processes are optimized for the customer with each professional employee engaged in development, implementation or support doing his/her best to ensure reliable system operation and its high performance.
"We found our then current core banking system not to be conductive to increased profitability and yield level, and to fall short of up-to-date standards of doing banking business. We did not make a mistake by selecting A competently organized preparatory and transitional concept coupled with a responsive and highly professional team fielded by the company facilitated a painless and quick transition and thus correct data migration. We are pleased with such mutually beneficial collaboration and are looking forward to further development of this warm and friendly relationship."
Dulat Saryshov
Deputy Chairman of the Board of Management Halyk Bank Tajikistan JSC
Colvir Software Solutions Benefits
1 Our Customers are our top priority Colvir staff are as much Customer-oriented as possible
2 Stable development We keep upgrading our products and services
3 Achieving goals Our key success criteria is raising the efficiency of our Customer's business
4 Business transformation We create a state-of-the-art technology landscape
5 International expertise We leverage advanced global technologies to achieve our customers' goals
6 Positions of leadership Colvir customers often become pioneers in the banking industries of their respective countries
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