We Wish to Congratulate CenterCredit Bank on their Win of a Prestigious Award

3 November 2020, 11:50, Astana, Kazakhstan
Our customer has become a winner in the Asian Banking & Finance Wholesale Banking Awards 2020 competition
We Wish to Congratulate CenterCredit Bank on their Win of a Prestigious Award

CenterCredit Bank has become a laureate of the prestigious Asian Banking & Finance Wholesale Banking Awards 2020 international competition in the Domestic Technology & Operations Bank of the Year nominated category. Victory was contested by over 70 participating banks, and our customer was carried forward by the Open API Technology Development by the Bank topic.

It is no secret that Open API is an area that is undergoing dynamic development in the worldwide banking domain. Thus 75% of the largest banks in this country have already commenced, or are planning to commence the use of open API’s.

It makes us happy to know that CenterCredit Bank use our reliable core banking system as the platform for implementing their most daring ideas in the Open API domain. The open architecture of our system has made it possible for the Bank to independently perform further system customization and setup leveraging a vast range of in-built business functionality to achieve their objectives and make things more comfortable for their customers. The vast range of functionality available with, and flexibility of the Сolvir core banking system has enabled the Bank to obtain many competitive advantages and gain well-deserved recognition.

"Since 2018 we have been proactively developing open financial platforms that leverage Open API technology. Our Bank was the first bank in the Kazakhstan market to offer this kind of a solution, and this is of particular relevance today, when virtually the entire world has embraced the online format. This is why the recognition we have gained at such a high-status event is not just an important award, but also proof that we made the right choice when selecting the development strategy for our Bank", noted Galim Khusainov, Chairman of the Bank’s Board of Management.

It is worth noting that the use of Open API technology delivers benefits for the Bank, as well as for its partners that make use of its services. Thanks to Open API technology, users are enabled to make fund transfers and payments, buy goods and services on bank-facilitated installment payment basis, get information with regard to currency rates, branch locations, etc. directly from partner applications.


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