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The main responsibilities of the employee:
Team Management (50+ developers)

  • Development of product and technological expertise
  • Professional level assessment
  • Motivation management and loyalty work, career path of developers
  • Increase productivity and improve the quality of work
  • Recruitment of new employees, training control
  • Building communications of distributed developers
  • Developing the skills of team leaders and technical leaders
  • Monitoring the development of experts and architects

Resource management

  • Execution of requests for developers from the project office
  • Participation in the formation of project teams and the distribution of tasks
  • Monitoring the effective use of resources by internal customers
  • Long-term preparation of teams for new developments
  • Improving team expertise
  • Performance improvement

Operational management

  • Participation in the planning of the department's activities and the development of a development strategy
  • Implementation and control of strategic initiatives in the company
  • Implementation of the metrics system
  • Interaction with other department managers
  • Reporting for top management
  • Cost budget control
  • Monitoring the implementation of new processes and regulations
  • Participation in process optimization and development technology
  • Improving approaches to the organization of production, labor and management.
  • Assistance in managing a team of architects
What we want to see in candidates:
  • Work experience as a manager in an IT company (line manager, development manager, program manager, director)
  • Project management experience
  • Technical past or present, work experience as a developer or tester
  • English

  • Understanding of any area of banking activity or experience in Fintech
  • Work experience in outsourcing IT companies and system integrators

What we offer in return:
  • Competitive s/p
  • Work in the Fintech industry
  • Experience working in a distributed team
  • Work in the office with the ability to flexibly adjust the schedule
  • Internal training and corporate library
  • Paid sick leave and vacation
  • Financial support from the company in difficult situations
  • Corporate discounts on learning English at the Skyeng online school
  • Free use of the online professional medical consultation service "Online Doctor"

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