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Since the year 2014 Colvir Software Solutions offers Colvir MIS corporate platform. This platform is to be used within the large scale banks, corporate businesses, holdings and governmental structures.

Platform is intended for collecting data, carrying out calculations, reports generation and data analysis. The uniqueness of the platform is in the process of setting up and further maintenance of financial models – it is done by users (employees of Financial Analysis Departments) fully on their own without any involvement of the vendor. Variety of efficient and powerful tools for financial modeling is embedded in the platform to cope with the following tasks:

  • Routine collection and consolidation of initial data and reports from daughter and controlled structures including:
    - Key figures on primary production activities;
    - Statistical ratios;
    - Accounting, regulatory and financial statements;
    - Budget planning and performance;
    - Data on current contracts and more.
  • Regular release of output reports on internal and external portals of statistics.
  • Data transfer to the regulatory authorities (Government statistics, Ministry of Finance, etc.).
  • Decision support.

At present time Colvir MIS is successfully on-stream in the number of holdings, governmental structures and financial organizations.

Download presentation "Decision support System for governmental structures and holdings based on Colvir MIS platform."