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Colvir as Gold Sponsor of ICT Summit 2010


ICT Summit 2010 - the annual national summit for information and communication technologies was held in Uzbekistan for 8th year in a row. The Summit brings together leading experts of the ICT market where hundreds of delegates gather from the former Soviet Union as well as from further afield to use this forum as a venue to discuss the latest advances and developments in the ICT field.

This year the ICT Summit attracted over 350 delegates from Great Britain, India, Spain, Korea, Mongolia, Russia, USA, Turkey, Czech Republic, leaders and representatives of government, public and international organizations.

Colvir supported the ICT Summit as its Gold Sponsor also using this venue to present potential projects for Government agencies and representatives of Uzbekistan banks.

Colvir Vice-President Nadejda Viknyanskaya  received a commemorative token for her significant contribution to the preparation and conduct of the National Summit of the Republic of Uzbekistan.