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SaaS model: easier, faster, cheaper


Moscow, Russia

To use something does not mean you need to own it. Future economics is in the joint usage of resources. This topic is highly popular nowadays in the sphere of development and usage of software. New software requires more and more capacities and gets outdated much faster. Modern bank is forced to buy and services tens of system modules to be able to run standard operations.

This problem is fully solved by Colvir SaaS (Software as a Service) module. SaaS assumes that the software would be used on the ‘subscription’ basis when the user buys the right to use software for the specified period of time.

Colvir offers the ability to use software as the SaaS in the cloud solution where the capacity of our data center could be rented.

In that case bank is free from procurement, installation and servicing costs for the needed modules and at the same time is free from the costs for purchasing additional equipment and infrastructure costs. Besides the cut of costs SaaS model allows to reduce the speed of launching new applications up to several days. While the standard implementation of new software that includes purchase of servers and additional equipment, installation and setup, could take up to several months.

The use of software under SaaS model runs as follows:

  • Client chooses the functionality and working methods;
  • Colvir supplies standard preconfigured solution;
  • Client enters all relevant information for the working process – counterparties, specifies accounts to be used, etc.;
  • Bank employees are working in Colvir System with the help of encrypted channel;
  • Accounting entries stating the transactions carried out are loaded in the standard format to be further used in bank-user CBS.

Servers are situated on the territory of the Russian Federation, all the information is replicated in several data centers.

Access to the information is granted only to the bank-subscriber. To ensure the best level of encryption and cryptoprotection, we provide the followingм:

  • Encryption and client`s data depersonalization (independent storage area and unique encryption keys);
  • Traffic data encryption, use of hardware-software VPN channels, access restriction based on context;
  • Usage of isolated virtual containers;
  • 4. Customized authority rights profiles.

Service SaaS model is chosen by the clients that are satisfied with the standard modules functionality. Relatively small number of homogeneous operations usually makes purchase of standard software economically irrational. At the same time using software as SaaS with the functionality needed by the bank will reduce the cost up to 4-6 times.

One of the good examples of advantageous use of instruments - is the decision of using standard Colvir software for JSC Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan and connecting SaaS modules for the subsidiary bank SC “NBK-Bank” .