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Online subscription for publishing houses


Moscow, Russia

Today we do not consider carriage with the horses and the coachmen as the means of transport but look at it as amusement for romanticists. And very soon only the romanticists will personally visit post to fill in forms to have the next subscription for the newspapers and magazines.

Pragmatists will manage to subscribe for your publications at any place where you have the Internet connection with the help of Front solution of the Colvir Postal System.

While subscribing trough the web-portal the user will be able to do the following:

  • Familiarize himself with the fully classified catalogue of the printing matters and choose the publications needed;
  • Choose subscription and delivery options;
  • Pay for the subscription;
  • Check his orders and their status online;
  • Get the news on the publications of interest.

We have created online subscription option based on the platform Colvir Postal System especially developed for the national postal operators. Safety and functionality of our System is fully proved by AzerPost and KazPost using it for many years. For such ready-made solution Colvir has added Front-module that has linked users and publishing houses directly without any middleman in-between.

The strategic aim of the online subscription from Colvir is to create specialized media space based on your publishing house where professionals and experts could easily and very fast get any materials they are interested in and exchange their opinions on the subject.

That could be any analytical review or purchase of the article from archive, seminars and conferences attendance or co-development of mutual ideas.

Publishing house in that case reaches the new clients relationship level and becomes information aggregator, ideas moderator and professional enrichment tutor.

In the short term run front-solution for Colvir Postal System ensures direct link with the subscribers and allows promptly launching of the new products to the market and introducing them to the clients, being flexible to the market changes.

The first magazine that aloud their readers to subscribe through the Internet was the magazine called “HR Management”. You could check how our new product works on the magazine`s web-site.