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Courses of remote training for users have been created


Moscow, Russia

Skilled carpenter with the help of an axe can build a house, but non-skilled cannot even chop the wood. It is not only the question of instrument that is important but also the question of who uses such an instrument.

How effectively is the CBS used by your employees? Do they know all capabilities and who teaches them?

Results of work of any bank specialist directly correlate with his skills. That is why the part of expenses for training in overall HR expenses in banking sector is one of the highest. Amongst the training procedures more experienced employees sometimes are forced to help the newcomers to teach how to handle working with the banking applications. And this is time consuming; that time is stolen from the bank clients and that is the bank`s profit that is not earned.

To help your employees use all the capabilities of the System we have created the new format of remote training for the clients with the help of Colvir Learning Center portal.

Learning center allows cutting costs while using CBS especially for the category of employees with the high staff turnover (tellers, for example). More than that, you can be sure that none of the information will be altered or lost while transferring experience between the specialists. Such training format excludes the effect of “dead phone” and every employee gets the knowledge from the primary source.

For the Learning Center portal Colvir has developed training interactive simulators and courses of remote training. We continue adding new materials vital to different business user categories, product engineers and IT-specialists. We closely look at the topic that be of greater help for our users and continually develop the portal.

To learn more about available courses, please link to the page or write us at .

We want our clients to use all the capabilities of our instruments and we are here to help.