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Colvir autotest platform has been created


Moscow, Russia

Preventive care is the best treatment. In software development such treatment would be software working capacity testing. Prior to launching new software or making any amendments into the system in operation it is necessary to check the following: errors occurrence, new product`s behavior in operating situations and its functionality.

Colvir fully tests all its products before handling them to the clients. On the user`s site the re-test is also launched. Manual testing is a long and expensive process; it will take experienced tester minimum five days to run the test only on one module of the System. To clear our clients manual and expensive process up we`ve created COLVIR Automated self-testing platform..

Such instrument allows us to create new tests, to build new test scenarios and handle the results to a high precision.

Tests could be created by recording user`s steps directly in the app at the portal. Tests for individual transactions would be consolidated and saved in depository. Throughout the time the database of test scenarios would be formed by accumulating such test to be used by all Colvir`s clients in massively parallel access. In that case the complicated test procedure will require running only one test-case from the chosen scenario.

Colvir`s clients could rent allocated computing capacities for their portal to run self-testing. The number of virtual machines for the client`s part (machines simulating users activity) while running the test could be increased up to 100 with the possibility to operate all the processes and flows.

Automated self-testing service allows running the required tests much faster and allocating feasibly lower number of resources. More than that, users can visually see the results of tests in a way of detailed logs or in the video clips format.

We are here for our clients to develop their business. Automated self-testing service is created especially for you, to better service your clients not your CBS.