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New release of Colvir System for Tsesnabank in five days


Almaty, Kazakhstan

We admire real master doing his job with such an ease that it is hardly difficult to see all the deep knowledge and hard work beneath such a process. All the Colvir`s employees are real masters. We managed to fully upgrade the version of the System in one of the biggest banks in Kazakhstan not to affect its current daily business process.

Tsesnabank is amongst three leader banks in Kazakhstan in terms of assets. Bank serves more than 150 000 clients in its twenty six branches. Priority number one for the bank was to update to new release in five days of national holiday of Nauryz from 19 to 21 of March 2017.

The new version of the System was launched without any errors or additional setup. Tsesnabank started serving their clients on the updated software precisely on March, 24. Colvir has overall updated 44 modules of the System including: Loan Management, Deposits, Trading Transactions, Treasury, Risk management, Trade Finance and others.

Your clients do not have to worry and think about the version of the System installed in your Bank. It is vital for them that the Bank can guarantee safe and flawless operation. Especially for you to provide such trustworthy we develop and employ new implementation techniques.