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BankIT’2016: Colvir presents an end-to-end finance management platform: MIS (Management Information System)


Minsk, Belarus

XIIIth International Banking Forum (BankIT’2016 was held in Minsk (Republic of Belarus) on 19-21 October.

Colvir Software Solutions Ltd. (Colvir) accepted the invitation and participated in the Forum as a Silver Partner.

BankIT’2016 gathered more than 1500 participants. The Forum was opened by Pavel V. Kallaur, Governor (Chairman of the Board) of the National Bank of Belarus. The biggest number of presentations that followed were dedicated to digital business transformation issues.

Colvir presented its MIS platform, a finance management tool, comprising modules allow financial managers to automate:

  •  accounting,
  • planning,
  • budgeting,
  • budget performance tracking,
  • functional and cost analysis,
  • cost accounting,
  • KPI,
  • management decisions modeling and testing.

A particular set of modules is selected depending on the specific tasks that need to be addressed. The platform can be set up by a regular employee of the financial department without recourse to developers or programmers. Business processes and financial analysis are performed within a single informational space. By leveraging the MIS platform companies can drastically reduce their IT costs.

The platform is universally applicable and offers more functionality in comparison with competing programs. The usability of the platform is confirmed by its successful use in a number of large commercial banks. The MIS platform can be used in any industry segment.