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Colvir takes part in the MIFA International Banking Conference


Minsk, Belarus

Moscow International Forex Association held its autumn conference in Minsk (Republic of Belarus) on October 05-08, 2016.

Colvir Software Solutions Ltd. (Colvir) sponsored the event acting as its general sponsor, and also took a speaking slot the conference.

Vladimir Kirillov, Deputy Development Director of Colvir, presented an overview of new Treasury solutions from Colvir: «We are constantly improving both Colvir platform as well as our application products to enable a bank’s Treasury to raise up to any challenge: set limits before the start of a trading session and track them throughout the session; instantly generate orders for the chosen instruments (bid, offer) and make deals in one click; get objective reports and store requisite information».

Vladimir demonstrated new modules in action: Investment front-office (Dealer’s Workplace) and Colvir Trade System. He spoke about future platform development leveraging SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) technologies, and informed the audience of the ready availability of integration between the workplaces with any international trading system (Reuters, Bloomberg etc.).

«We would like Colvir platform users to just do their job without having to divert their resources to system implementation, updating and maintenance», – pointed out Vladimir in his report.

Over 100 top-managers of Banks, Bourses, Professional Associations, Financial, Brokerage and Investment Companies, experts and analysts, members of the media took part in the conference. Conference participants presented macro-financial reviews, discussed supervision and regulatory politics, improving the infrastructure of financial market. Interbank foreign exchange and money market (FX&MM) technologies were also discussed.

Conference website: