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Projects in Banking


Over 35% of banks and credit institutions use Colvir as their core banking system. If counted on the basis of financial transactions rather than the number of banks, the Colvir market share is over 70%. The customer list includes as follows: Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan, Alliance Bank, UniCredit Kazakhstan (ATFBank), Tsesna Bank, Kazakhstan Development Bank, Alfa Bank (Republic of Kazakhstan), Kassa Nova Bank, Ziraat International Bank of Kazakhstan, KazPost, Eurasian Development Bank (Head Office) and Agrarian Credit Corporation.

With the exception of the Agrarian Credit Corporation that only makes use of the credit suite, each of the other customers has deployed and makes use of 20 or more Colvir business function modules.

Besides the above banks the Colvir system is installed at the National Bank of Kazakhstan where it is used as the standby system. The system had been used as the master core banking system until year 2009 when the National Bank implemented Temenos Т24 which now acts as the master system. The Colvir system acts as the standby solution, while also performing a range of functions that are not available with Т24.


Over 60% of banks in Turkmenistan rely on the Colvir solution as their core banking system. These include as follows: the Central Bank of Turkmenistan, Bank for Foreign Economic Activity, Turkmen-Turkish Bank, DiakhanBank, TurkmenBank, PresidentBank, Senagat Bank and Ryzgal Bank. Colvir is a shareholder in the latter with 40% of the equity.

Each of the above banks makes use of 20 plus Colvir modules.

In 2011 Colvir acted as Prime Contractor in the project for the replacement of the Turkmenistan Payment System whereby Colvir brought to Turkmenistan as its subcontractor the Banking Services Bureau of Kazakhstan and successfully implemented in Turkmenistan the Kazakhstan payment system solution.

Other CIS countries

The Colvir system is also deployed in Russia, Tajikistan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan. Deployments in Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Uzbekistan and Armenia are anticipated in the near future. A number of further deployments are also anticipated in those CIS countries where Colvir is already present.

Colvir has an official representative office in Uzbekistan. An MOU has been signed with the Government of Uzbekistan pursuant to which Colvir will collaborate with the Government in the area of automating financial activities. Within the framework of this collaboration, contract signatures are expected with the Uzbekistan Post Office and Uzbekistan Aloka Bank (Bank of Communications), as well as with Uzbekistan Halk Bank. Contractual negotiations are also currently underway between Colvir and UT Bank - a subsidiary bank of Turkish Ziraat Bank.

Subsidiary Banks of Large Banks

  • ZiraatBank-Turkey

In 2011 Colvir won a tender for installing core banking systems with a number of subsidiary banks of Ziraat where the other bidders were Temenos and CFT. The list of banks covered by the tender includes Ziirat subsidiaries in Kazakhstan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Russia, 4 subsidiaries in the Balkans (Macedonia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Greece) and one subsidiary bank in the UK.

To date implementation has been completed in Turkmenistan and the first project phase has been deployed in Kazakhstan. As each subsidiary banks signs its contract independently, contract preparation activities are in process in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan.

  • Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan

Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan has made the decision to standardize on the Colvir solution for all of its subsidiary banks. At this point in time the system is fully operational at the parent bank in Kazakhstan and at its subsidiary banks in Russia and Georgia. The implementation was suspended in Kyrgyzstan due to the 2010 revolution, and now the work has been resumed.

  • National Bank of Pakistan

National Bank of Pakistan is negotiating with Colvir for the purchase of the system for its subsidiary banks. The plan calls for initial deployment at the subsidiary banks in CIS countries with other countries to follow.

  • VTB

Colvir is currently negotiating with Russian VTB bank regarding system deployment at VTB subsidiary banks in Armenia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Joint Projects with Partners

  • FPT

The large Vietnamese company FPT is the owner of the obsolescent Smart Bank solution deployed at dozens of small banks in Vietnam and other countries in the Region. FPT and Colvir as partners are negotiating a joint project for the replacement of Smart Bank with the Colvir solution and subsequent support of this installed base by FPT.

  • Colvir EDP Solutions

Colvir has established a joint venture with EDP Services of Pakistan (Colvir EDP Solutions). The principle area of the JV activities is marketing of bank treasury front office solutions. As of today key customers are Pakistan banks: Islamic Investment Bank, Credit Lyonnais Securities (Asia), Prudential Securities (Pvt.), First Capital ABN AMRO Equities, Habib Bank, ANZ Grindlays Bank.

Advances in Europe

Contractual negotiations are underway with a number of small building societies in the UK and with Hanson Bank.

Advances in Africa

Negotiations are underway with 3 banks in Ethiopia committed to embrace the interest-free banking paradigm, as well as with a number of banks in Kenya, Uganda and Zambia.


The Colvir consulting division conducted a capital adequacy assessment project for one of the largest brokerage companies in the world - ICAP PLC, and is currently negotiating with the Nomura financial holding and with Bank of America Merrill Lynch.


Full scale projects including postal and financial functionalities have been deployed at KazPost and AzerPost (World Bank financing). 

Currently Colvir is negotiating with Ukrainian Post, Kyrgyzstan Post and is participating in the bidding for Vietnam Post, Pakistan Post and Moldova Post.

Public Finance Projects

A full-scale project was implemented for the Kazakhstan Treasury (World Bank financing). The system was used as the master solution from 1996 through 2005. From 2006 until the present time it has been used as the standby system.

Currently Colvir is participating in the bidding for the Uzbekistan Treasury (Asian Development Bank financing), and is negotiating in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan for projects to modernize the financial systems of the two countries.

Colvir is continuously working with its customers to develop their systems further and to deploy new modules and new technologies. Over 400 projects have been successfully implemented over the past 10 years.